Cast List for Annie, Jr. Announced! 

Annie- Addie Goode

Sandy- Sarah Kay Bonner



Molly- Betsy Carden

Pepper- Julia Tinkham

Duffy- Evie Graham

July- Emery Evans

Tessie- Iva Evans

Kate- Molly Burton

Embrie Pitts

Fleming Gatewood

Caroline Cummings

10 Margaret Hodges

11 Lily Kate Castle

12 Anna Kate Miller


Miss Hannigan- Gracie Carden

Grace Ferrell- Amelia Evans

Rooster- Kade Mullins

Lily- Leila Pavlovsky

Oliver Warbucks- Ace Miller

Drake- Daniel Halstead

Mrs. Greer- Haleigh Abercrombie

Mrs. Pugh- Leah Mullins

Cecille- Kaylee Yip

Annette- Abby Jenkins

Chauffeur- Cole Reynolds

Star To Be- Abby Jenkins

Sound Effects Man- Liam Graham

Usherette- Caroline Tinkham

Dog Catcher- Noah Lorber

Child 1- Emmalee Boggs

Child 2- Lillian Roosevelt

Announcer - Cole Reynolds



Caroline Tinkham 

Brantley Clark

Liam Graham

Mary Adelaide Yeiser

Mosby Hill

Austin Phillips

Reed Mullins

Lanier Yeiser

9Arianna Cavalcanto


Cop- Daniel Halstead

Louis Howe- Noah Lorber

Apple Seller - Mary Adelaide Yeiser

Officer Ward- Reed Mullins

Bert Healy- Cole Reynolds

Mr. Bundles - Austin Phillips

Man - Cole Reynolds

Roosevelt- Nick Roosevelt


New Yorkers

Brantley Clark

Leah Mullins

Haleigh Abercrombie

Lanier Yeiser

Liam Graham

Mosby Hill       

Cole Reynolds

Austin Phillips

Abby Jenkins

10 Arianna Cavalcanto

11 Mosby Hill

12 Caroline Tinkham

13 Kaylee Yip

14 Noah Lorber

15 Reed Mullins

16 Mary Adelaide Yeiser

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